08 February 2012

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Advanced Spanish students took their midterm exams this past Tuesday.  The students have now begun reading a chapter book written in Spanish.  There are many benefits to reading in a second language including the following:
  • boosting vocabulary
  • greater fluency (seeing how language fits together)
  • writing skills are improved by reading more often
  • fun!
  • cultural connections

Beginning Spanish students are working on the next piece of their Adopt a Country Projects. Students have researched and are now creating interviews with an imaginary person from their country.  Students will also be submitting a drawing representing one aspect of family life.  This part of the project is due on Thursday, February 16th.  Students will have had a week of class time to work on this project.  Please help your child by proof reading his/her interview and giving feedback.  

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